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      The enterprise wide Debt Collection Software choice for Financial Institutions.

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      The enterprise wide Debt Collection Software choice for Financial Institutions.
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Managing the Collection and Recovery Process

Collection Managers
Has today’s environment strained your team’s productivity? Has it hurt operational control and increased your institution’s risk? Does your current system have limitations resulting in an inability to organize your teams work? Collection Software is no longer static and requires updates to keep up with the regulatory changes.

Grow productivity and reduce risk

Your staff works very hard. Executive Management demands you do more with less. Are you struggling with how to get more done (with the same or less staff), too many manual steps, hunting for scattered information, navigating multiple systems and manually documenting your efforts. Are you working in an inefficient environment and will likely not accomplish your institutions goals.

The VQN system addresses this by providing all information in electronic format, one click away. This includes external documentation such as property valuations, condition reports, bankruptcy POC, etc, that support the collection/recovery process such as PDF/EXCEL/WORD files. Everything relative to the collection and non-performing loan process is automatically presented to the user as they navigate through their queues.

Organize work flow and queues - Do you have Collection Policies?

Are you able to define who you want to work what accounts? Can you define your desired work flows? Can you create specialized work queues to address unique work flows and challenges?

The VQN system addresses this with Collector Strategies, Tactics, Dynamic Queuing, and Special Processes.


Manually re-assembling reports

Do you and your team spend too much time manually assembling information to complete reports? Are you unable to get performance monitoring reports on all account types, branches, loan officers and your collector statistics?

The VQN Collection Software addresses this by providing reports for tracking payments, accounts worked, repossession, foreclosure, owned assets reports, compliance reporting, expense and payment reports, etc. In addition, all of the information is in one data base and not in disconnected Excel files and Access data bases.

Vendor Support, training, system improvement

Does your software vendor have staff that can answer your collection system operational questions and issues in a timely manner? Has your collection software adapted to the changes in the financial industry over the past few years? Does your software vendor accommodate all of your training needs?



Using the tools available in VQN will result in improved collection and recovery results, therefore improving your delinquency and charge off ratios. With VQN there is improved foreclosure and owned assets tracking as well as month end EDR Reporting to eliminate the month end scramble. State and Federal collection laws are more easily adhered to and your processes are automatically documented.