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      The enterprise wide Debt Collection Software choice for Financial Institutions.

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      The enterprise wide Debt Collection Software choice for Financial Institutions.
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Learn more about us!

We are a company that provides Collection Software solutions to the financial industry globally!
About us!

Our only focus is Collections and Recovery Software and Services

Our goal is to provide our customers with Collection and Recovery software products that are easy to use and effective in helping them be more productive in their day-to-day jobs.

We use best of breed IBM and Windows technology tools that place our products in front of our competitors.

Leveraging Microsoft Offices feature rich Word and Excel programs along with the World Wide Web are an integral part of our development strategy.

VQueue.Network (VQN), is a very mature software offering in use for over 30 years by banks. If you know how to use Microsoft Office, then you know how to use VQN. All reports manifest themselves as Excel Spreadsheets and letters as Word documents. VQN is a Multi Lingual-Dual Currency capable on-line Collection/Recovery System.

Why choose VQueue.Network (VQN)? Ease of use, quality of software, and the ability to customize the solution to meet your specific needs while providing the collection and recovery software resources that maximizes your productivity!

Our Goal

Technical Support

UNI-SOURCE 2000, Inc. prides itself in being a "customer centered" organization. Our focus is the development of innovative creative solutions designed to help our customers get their job done each day in the most productive fashion possible.

The development team works closely with the customer base to understand and develop solutions that meet and exceed their expectations. As a result of our partnership approach VQN gets an annual Software Revision, which incorporates our clients’ suggestions and improvements at no additional charge.

VQN technical support is our highest priority as we strive to make our customers productive with our software offerings!